What’s possible when leaders become more integrated? 

Sympónia Leadership offers transformative leadership workshops, labs, retreats, circles, coaching, and summits focused specifically for integrated leaders as they elevate into their full potential.

Sympónia Men Speaking Engagements
Sympónia Leadership speakers and thought leaders are available for speaking engagements on any number of topics related to the integrated transformation and growth.

Enneagram Coaching
Sympónia Leadership begins any engagement with the Enneagram, a powerful and deep assessment tool that focuses on full integration a person.  The Enneagram is a complex (valid and reliable) instrument for complex people and provides a clear and attainable path to full integration based on your core motivations.  Sympónia Leadership uses the Integrative9 assessment instrument for Enneagram Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats.

Transformation & Integrated Leadership Workshops Sympónia Leadership offers a series of customized workshops that are highly interactive and set the stage for deeper-level transformational leadership development experiences.

Sympónia Leadership Workshops

  • What Does It Mean to Be an Integrated Leader?
  • Developing into an Integrated Leader
  • The Enneagram as a Driver for Integration
  • Healthy Masculinity at Work
  • The Power of Heart Centered Leadership
  • Tapping into Creativity to Propel Innovation
  • Becoming a Bridge Builder for Greater Inclusion
  • Creating Impact Through Integrated Leadership Practices
  • Leading Transformational Change in Uncertain Times

Transformation & Integrated Leader Labs
Building upon the Sympónia core pillars, the customized leader labs support leaders and high potentials in becoming compassion-inspired bridge builders, integrated leaders, and change makers.  The Leader Labs tap into the dimensions of and provide exposure to key leadership models, approaches, and practices.  When bridged together, these models create a balanced approach to leading organizational and societal transformation efforts.

Sympónia Leadership Integrated Leader Labs

  • Authentic Leader Lab (authenticity)
  • Compassionate Leader Lab (compassion)
  • Collaborative Leader Lab (connection)
  • Conscious Leader Lab (consciousness)
  • Creative Leader Lab (creativity)
  • Embodied Leader Lab (embodiment/somatic)
  • Feminine Leader Lab (accessing the feminine)
  • Purpose-driven Leader Lab (purpose)
  • Servant Leader Lab (service)
  • Transformational Leader Lab (change and transformation)
  • Integrated Leader Lab (connecting the dots)

Sympónia Leadership Advanced Labs*

  • Adventurous Curiosity Lab (Open the Mind)
  • Creative Play Lab (Open the Heart)
  • Integration Lab
  • Authentic Storytelling Lab
  • GenderEQ Lab (A GenderARC offering)
  • Rethinking Power Dynamics Lab
  • Compassionate Bridge Building Lab
  • Collaborative Innovation Lab
  • Culture Transformation Lab

Integrated Leadership Retreats
Sympónia Men leadership retreats are intensive and integrative experiences built upon the leader lab and workshop experiences.  Men will engage in a deeper experience to explore ways of becoming more integrated and balanced leaders that will elevate their level of resilience and impact in their organizations, society, relationships and in their own lives.

Integrated Leadership Circles
After men have had a chance to engage in our leader labs, workshops, and retreats, the Men’s Leadership Circles are designed to continue the conversations and provide on-going support for men as their growth and development.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)
As there are more conversations about Employee Resource Groups for men in the workplace today, Sympónia Men helps to organizations design ERG’s that make sense.  The focus of the ERG’s are to provide space for men to engage in transformational work in their personal growth that prepares them to become more active and engaged bridge builders and advocates for inclusion efforts in organizations.

Integrated Leadership Coaching Programs
One-on-one and group coaching is provided around specific leadership challenges and growth development opportunities.  Coaching focus areas can include:

  • Deepening compassion and heart-centered leadership,
  • Navigating the shifting gender roles and rules,
  • Elevating self awareness and integration through the Enneagram,
  • Finding deeper-level purpose and meaning,
  • Strengthening connection and deepening relationships,
  • Becoming compassionate bridge builders,
  • Embracing compassionate masculinity across gender,
  • Integrating and balancing as leaders,
  • Strengthening as a transformational leader, and
  • Becoming an agent of compassionate change in the world

Transformation & Integrated Leadership Summits
Sympónia Leadership offers men’s summits for leaders who have experienced a Sympónia Leadership experience.  The focus of these summits is to exchange best practices and share the latest thinking on how to best support compassion-inspired integration and bridge building.