Create healthier and sustainable gender balance in the workplace.

We achieve this by: 

  • Taking a more holistic view in addressing the gender gap challenge 
  • Providing a safe space for men, women, and non-binary individuals to have honest conversations around gender differences 
  • Helping leaders, teams, and employees navigate the shifting gender rules and roles
  • Taking an evidenced-based research approach in understanding gender balance
  • Using a mixed-gendered co-facilitation model
  • Blending the mental, emotional, and physical with a connection to purpose and empathy for resilience and wellbeing 

This approach ignites gender balance as a critical lever for healthy and sustainable organizational transformation and systems change.  

GenderARC is our gender bridge building experience that we’ve co-created with Motivity Partnerships and Global Women 4 Wellbeing.  The ARC in GenderARC helps women and men tap into greater Authenticity, Resilience, and Connection as they come together in new ways of being, connecting, and working together.

We believe gender bridge building in organizations is a critical lever for healthy organizational transformation and systems change.  We take a holistic view of creating space for men and women separately to have essential conversations that explore issues of gender. We then bring men and women together in co-facilitated spaces to explore new ways of connecting, collaborating, and working together.

Creating Healthier Balance Across Gender

As with all of our initiatives, we begin with an inquiry by asking a series of questions to help us understand what’s possible when we shift a critical lever in an organizational system.  At GenderARC, we ask:

  • What if there was a healthier integration and more gender-balanced perspective throughout your working environment?
  • What would this balanced-perspective do to the way your organization is led at all levels, how the vision and strategy are held, how teams collaborate, and the impact on your business results?
  • Our approach to better gender inclusion at all levels encompasses assessments, vision and strategy development, customized program design, and studio trainings and workshops.

Leadership & Teams
Many organizations continue to have a more masculine-focused prospective.  Our studios and consulting approach supports:

  • Leadership in examining their make-up, structure and dynamics to better understand where more gender balance is needed.
  • Teams more effectively bringing integration, understanding and insight into practice around real-world challenges.
  • Women and men in shared conversation to explore new ways of connecting, collaborating and working together in a more authentic and constructive way.

GenderARC provides a deeper experience that helps everyone tap into their shared ARC: Authenticity, Resilience, and Connection.

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